n. Words that are obscene, lewd, or abusive.


n. (acronym for Fucking Entertaining Big Lie)

  1. An inexpensively produced entertainment product that claims deep meaning directly relevant to the deficiencies in consumers’ lives.

You can usually spot a FEBL film from the outset because they often use cheap graphic effects with bad rendering and metaphors. In Zeitgeist we have the earth surrounded by a pixelated metal cage. —David Galbraith, “Zeitgeist - the greatest lie ever told”


n. (Dutch miereneuker, translation into English; via Jeremy Keith)

  1. Nitpicker.

ass antlers

n. (from German Arschgeweih)

  1. A tattoo on the lower back.

In the above poster for the movie John Tucker Must Die, you can see a lower back tattoo, often referred to by its colloquial name, the tramp stamp. According to Wikipedia, there’s a German slang term for lower back tattoos — Arschgeweih — which means “ass antlers”, which is probably derived from the fact that these tattoos have a barbed style and look like anters when they stick out from underneath low-rise jeans, which the young ladies seem to favour these days. —Joey deVilla, “The ‘First Corinthians’ Tramp Stamp”


n. (from the composition of the emoticon)

  1. A heart symbol, especially when rendered as the ASCII emoticon <3. syn. less-than-three


n. (from asshat and haberdashery)

  1. The talent of bringing out the asshat in others.


n. (similarity to refactoring; thanks, Adam)

  1. Fixing broken program code, under the guise of refactoring, the restating of code in a cleaner but equivalent form.


n. (from fap and claptrap)

  1. Trivial things or matters.


n. (from deck and teledildonics; thanks, Broken)

  1. The technology required to punch someone who sorely needs it in the face over the internet.

i’m going to become rich and famous after i invent a device that allows you to stab people in the face over the internet —HatfulOfHollow, quote #4281