v. (from thumb drive; thanks, Brian)

  1. To download data you are not authorized to copy to a USB thumb drive.

Bidding the caller adieu, Spence ran into an old security pal on his way to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s blackjack tables. The duo headed to the bar to toss back some Jack Daniel’s and chat. The pal said he heard the buzzword “thumbsucking” used recently to describe the unauthorized downloading of a company’s data via a portable USB storage device. The phrase was apparently coined by Senforce Technologies. “Thumbsucking, Podslurping, Bluesnarfing or Sneakernetting—all the terms for small-device data theft sound like Dr. Seuss created them,” mused the Mouser. —Spencer F. Katt, “Talk Rages in Lost Wages,” eWeek

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