Difference Storm

n. (presumably from difference engine and network traffic visualizations, for example, packet storm)

  1. The sum total of modern telecommunications. That is, the internet.

“I take it I don’t have to introduce myself,” I said quietly. …

“Do you know this man, Kadmin?” Ortega asked.

“Hoping for a confession, Lieutenant?” Kadmin threw back his head and laughed musically. “Oh, the crudity! This man? This woman, maybe? Or, yes, even a dog could be trained to say as much as he has said, given the right tranquilizers, of course. They do tend to go pitifully insane when you decant them if not. But, yes, even a dog. We sit here, three silhouettes carved from electronic sleet in the Difference Storm, and you talk like a cheap period drama. Limited vision, Lieutenant, limited vision. Where is the voice that said altered carbon would free us from the cells of our flesh? The vision that said we would be angels.” —Richard K. Morgan, Altered Carbon

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